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  • Tanya R

    Dr. Duerr performed ACL surgery on my son. He was professional, explained the process throughly and answered any question we had.
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  • Ramey

    I like Dr. Duerr. He tells you like it is. He really cares about the patient. If something is wrong, he will try to find a way to fix it, if possible. He is a great doctor.
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  • Naba K D

    Dr. was extremely patient to answer all my questions. He was calm enough to draw and explain me the process treatment.
    Hoping for good results.
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  • John D

    Dr. Duerr is an excellent surgeon and human being who's ultimate goal is to help his patients get better. I highly recommend him .
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  • Stephen S

    Dr. Duerr had great table side manners and makes you feel comfortable that you are getting the correct treatment.
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  • Becki K

    Extremely knowledgeable about every question I asked of him. I wouldn't trust anyone but a specialist such as Dr. Duerr. I was completely at ease and trusted him to treat me. I highly recommend Dr....
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  • C G

    He did an excellent job on my husband's knee. Only doctor that would do surgery on my husband. Highly recommend Dr.Duerr.
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  • James G

    Dr. Duerr is a great doctor who takes the time to listen and really cares about his patients.
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  • Earlene H

    I like him he made fill comfortable and look me in my face when speaking to me
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  • Dina P

    Knowledgeable and forthright. Compassionate. OSU continues to offer the best treatment by the best practitioners!
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