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Dr. Duerr is recognized as a as a leader in the field of Autograft Quadriceps tendon ACL reconstruction and uses the newest techniques to get his patients back to their sports and activities as soon as possible. Dr. Duerr has published extensively on this technique and has been asked to lecture both nationally and internationally to teach his peers the latest advances.

Dr Robert Duerr, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Sports Medicine Specialist, Theme-R

All-Inside Quad Tendon ACL Reconstruction

Dr. Duerr utilizes a new, minimally invasive approach for ACL reconstruction that allows for earlier rehabilitation and return of function for patients. Historically, ACL surgery was done through larger incisions and patients were casted for 6 weeks and on crutches for extended periods of time. Over the years, we have learned that smaller incisions causes less trauma to the surrounding soft tissues and less post-operative pain, which allows for early range of motion with physical therapy. This is important to have the best outcome after ACL surgery.

“This is one of my favorite surgeries and I believe this technique provides the best possible outcomes for our patients. The All-Inside ACL Reconstruction approach uses minimal incisions and is done completely with the arthroscope. Recent studies have shown that the results of Quadriceps tendon ACL reconstruction are the same as more invasive techniques, though there is less pain. Additionally, there is a relatively unimportant advantage of having a much smaller scar, but I think patients prefer this and it is to the point that patient’s friends don’t believe they even had an ACL reconstruction.” – Dr. Duerr

Post-Surgery Recovery

All-Inside Quad Tendon ACL Reconstruction

Because the Quad tendon is such a stout graft and the All-inside technique uses strong fixation, we allow range of motion exercises the same day of surgery and we start physical therapy within 3 days. We approach rehabilitation in 4 phases: Early healing phase (0 – 6 weeks), Strengthening (6 – 16 weeks), Jog to Run (16 – 22 weeks), and finally return to sport phase (24+ weeks). Please note that these time frames are estimates, and every knee responds differently to surgery and rehabilitation.

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